Lolita Lola

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Measurement and Conversion Tables

Lolita Lola Rocking Horse Shoes(In Stock)
Material: Goatskin leather, real wood sole(8cm)
Colours: Black
35(22.5cm), 36(23cm), 37(23.5cm), 38(24cm), 39(24.5cm)
Price: US$65.95

Lolita Lola Rocking Horse Shoes(straps)

Material: PU, real wood sole(8cm)
Colours: Black / White / Red
Sizes: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 42 & 44(Sold Out)
45(28cm)&46(28.5cm) (In Stock)

Price: US$50.95(Size 35-42)
US$59.95(Size 44&45&46 - interior length: 27.5cm&28cm&28.5cm)

Heel Grips and Gel Half-soles